The Chicago BLUE RFC strive for the highest level of success on and off the pitch (rugby field). As a corporate partner with the Chicago Blue, your brand is affiliated with a unique organization involved not only in rugby, but the careers from which we come, including law enforcement, firefighters, military, and other service professions. Partnership with the BLUE is more than just sponsoring a rugby team, it's becoming a part of all our club represents --

LOYALTY - The BLUE have dedicated ourselves to greater service and with it brings a creed of loyalty. Our family, friends, and fans are also among the most loyal - providing for a powerful Return on Investment to our corporate sponsors.

STEWARDSHIP - The BLUE support Rugby in every way possible. We are ambassadors to the game every time we step onto the pitch. We do our part in assisting USA Rugby to bring our sport the level of respect, recognition, and popularity within the US that it experiences worldwide. The BLUE also do their part in supporting youth rugby to ensure the next rugby generation is better than the previous.

PHILANTHROPY - The BLUE work diligently off the pitch to help our community through charity. We have raised over $20,000 in 2015 alone. Corporate partners of the BLUE share in the credit for all our philanthropic efforts.

Contact us today to start discussing your corporate partnership with the Chicago Blue. We are flexible in developing our relationship with new corporate partners to ensure a maximized ROI that remains consistent with your brand and goals.