Established in 2009, the Chicago BLUE Rugby Football Club (RFC) is comprised of law enforcement, firefighters, military, emergency medical and other service professionals in the Chicagoland area. We were the first and presently only rugby club in the nation of our kind.

If you do not fit the above categories by having a public service career, you are still welcome to join our ranks. There are only a few matches and tournaments that are limited exclusively to members of our profession.

The BLUE accept members of all skill levels. From the 15-year veteran to the guy who doesn't even know a rugby is different than a football - all are welcome!

The BLUE have a liberal participation policy. We understand the priorities in your life: family first, career second, with Rugby a distant third. All too often, your job interferes with your family and other priorities. We do not believe rugby should be something else taking you away from family and interfering with your career. We have members who attend every practice, match, and social event. We have others who attend a few practices and one match a season. ALL ARE WELCOME!

The BLUE are committed to promoting rugby, as well as developing players and our club. To accomplish this goal, we invite players of all experience levels to join our practices at any time of the year. You can attend once a week, once a year, or every practice - just show up!

If you are interested in following the BLUE, contact us and we will place you on our mailing list.

The BLUE are the first rugby club of our kind in the nation. There also exists very few organized Service Rugby Clubs in the nation, which includes clubs comprised of law enforcement, firefighters, military, and other service professions. Thus, the BLUE are the first to partner with Service Rugby, a national association whose sole focus is to promote and develop a national network for all United States Service Rugby Clubs.